On Off Furniture and Design


We do believe: Our nice office will create values in life.
For most of us, the office is not just a place to earn our living, it is our second home.  Office is a place for us to demonstrate our values and abilities, to gain trust and recognition and to build our career and wealth.
We do believe: Besides our home, 'Office is the Next' in life.
ON OFF is not just our name.  It is an attitude to life for you and me.  It is a life style. If you do ON OFF, you are an OnOffer.


ON OFF Furniture & Design is a professional company in Office Planning.  We provide practical solutions and one-stop services to our clients meeting their specific needs of planning new offices or restructuring existing offices.
Since established in 2005, we have commissioned hundreds of projects assisting our clients in Office Space Requirement Planning, Office Layout and Interior Design, Office Restructuring and Office Relocation.
Our clients range from commercial enterprises to educational institutions and Government departments.  For commercial sector, our clients cover a wide spectrum of industries ranging from private companies to listed enterprises.


We help our clients to create values in life by building nice offices meeting their specific needs.